The video above is a great outline of the preferential voting system we use in Australia & covers both the House of Representatives & the Senate.

Plus all you need to know to make your vote count

Complete list of polling places you can vote – Choose Pre Poll or on Polling Day

Complete list of Candidates for your Electorate and your State for the Senate

Just enter your Suburb or Postcode for the list in your area and it will magically appear.

Rules for Voting

House of Representatives – You must number every box in order of your preference. See Electoral Commission video below for full explanation.

Senate – You have 2 choices, above the line or below the line, not both. See Electoral Commission video below for full explanation.

Voting above the line for is for your choice of Party if you’re not concerned who their candidates are. You must number at least 6 boxes in order of your party preference.

Voting below the line is for your choice of candidates if you wish to choose particular candidates rather than a party in order of candidate preference. You must number at least 12 boxes.

You can obtain further details on the Electoral Commission Website

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