Historical climate change facts are from data embedded in Greenland ice cores & show how the climate has changed over the past 11,000 years.  Ice core video mentioned in above video is at the bottom.

Plus a few other facts on the climate change scam

Climate Change

A world of crazy people.

Go electric, sort your trash, put on a sweater and heat up to 19°, streamline your miles, walk for the climate.

Why do we have to “always be the only ones” saving the community while:

– The Olympic Winter Games were held in Beijing on artificial snow.

– In France, ski resorts light up slopes until midnight so that “late risers” can ski at night.

– Lufthansa performs 8,000 “empty” flights to keep it’s airport slots.

– Most of the great football matches take place in the evening under the mega spotlights that consume everything!

– The 8 new and gigantic football stadiums built to host the World Cup in Qatar are air-conditioned (in a desert).

– Hundreds of trucks drive around the country to bring us fruit, vegetables and all sorts of other goodies, they don’t just arrive magically in the supermarket and other stores.

– The world’s largest ship: Wonder of the Seas will carry 7000 passengers, 2300 crew members and circle the seas chewing up vast amounts of fossil fuel.

Climate Change

– About 3500 container carriers circulate in the world and each consume 28,000 liters of fuel per 1000 km.

Climate Change

– Billionaires offer themselves space travel under “astronomical” conditions”.

– And… Meanwhile, “FOR THE SAKE OF THE ECOLOGY” we’re going to prohibit driving a slightly older diesel or petrol car for people who can’t afford to change cars and who have to use it to go to work while allowing the rich to fly around the world in private jets to attend climate change conferences.

Climate Change

Below is a video on the Greenland ice core samples referred to in the main video above

The world really is being run by crazy people determined to take us back to medieval times.

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