The most dangerous sporting event in the world

The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) has been run since 1907.  Very little has changed in that time as riders career down 37.73 miles of country lanes and village streets at breakneck speeds!  Watch the video and you’ll understand why this motorcycle road race is regarded as probably the most dangerous sporting event in the world held on the most dangerous racetrack in the world.

These days – despite riders being sent off at 10 second intervals – overtaking still occurs. And with speeds topping 280 Kph and average speeds exceeding 200 Kph … it adds to the risk.

There have been over 250 fatalities.

Despite the obvious danger it has attracted all the legendary bike riders: Giacomo Agostini won 14 times and Mike Hailwood 12. But the current crop of Moto GP riders, used to manicured sand traps and run-offs, don’t dare risk it.   

In 2013 Valentino Rossi  – a great fan of the TT who has done practice laps there – said: “It’s *** awesome; it’s unbelievable!  Unfortunately, it’s too dangerous. Sometimes riders are crazy.”

Many would be interested to know they do have an amateur section in which anyone who has made qualifying times for the Manx GP, an amateur Road Race Event seen as a practice run for TT. You will also need a racing licence (British) for a minimum of 1 year prior to signing up for the TT.

To qualify you must have a Death Wish….

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