Plus another safe landing after a mid air collision

The mood couldn’t have been more relaxed aboard an executive jet carrying three Incline residents as it began its descent towards Reno-Tahoe International Airport Monday afternoon.

Mike Chipman was dozing while his wife, Evy, read a book. Steve DiZio was also reading and occasionally looked-up to check the flight’s progress on a GPS read-out.

Then, they heard what sounded like an explosion coming from the cockpit. The cabin depressurized and the plane veered to the right before going into a steep dive.

“The pilot had just put on the seat belt sign, and a few minutes afterwards there was this explosion … a really loud bang or crash from the cockpit,” recalled DiZio, a retired high-tech start-up manager.

Traveling from the Carlsbad Airport in San Diego , the Hawker 800XP jet struck a glider in a mid-air collision at 16,000 feet over the Pine Nut Mountains southeast of Carson City .

The accident, which took place at about 3:10 pm., destroyed the jet’s nose cone and the glider whose pilot, Japanese citizen and 30-year glider veteran, Akihiro Hirao, parachuted safely back to earth.

The pilot quickly brought the jet back under control as the three startled passengers secured their oxygen masks.

After deducing that the damage to the starboard wing, part of which had caved-in and was leaking fuel vapor, was too extensive to have been caused by a bird, and that they would all be dead if they had struck another conventional airplane, passenger Mike Chipman, a part owner of the Arizona Diamond Backs, surmised the truth.

“I knew there were gliders all over the place … the only thing I could figure when we realized it wasn’t a bird was that it was a glider,” he said. DiZio and the Chipmans said they did not panic after the crash.

“Things go through your mind, but it was sort of like a dream,” DiZio said. “There was nothing we could do. We just sort of went calm.” “I did some deep breathing and said a few prayers,” Evy Chipman said.

“Though I was aware of the damage to the wing, there wasn’t much I could do,” said Mike Chipman. “The pilots clearly had it under control, but it certainly had my attention.”

Though the passengers didn’t know it at the time, the starboard engine had failed. Moreover, part of the glider had ripped its way through the plane’s nose and into the instrument dash, causing it to burst into the pilot’s face and lap.

See below for pictures of the damage.

Despite a gash to her chin, pilot Annette Saunders remained in control throughout the remainder of the flight, even after a two-foot piece of the nose structure had bent its way in front of the cockpit window.

After passing the Carson City Airport , the pilot swung the plane around to bring it in for an emergency landing. As they leveled-out, the co-pilot turned and yelled over the noise that they had lost control of their landing gear and would skid to a halt on the aircraft’s belly.

Though passengers assumed the emergency position, they said the landing could not possibly have been better. “The landing was as smooth as you could imagine, not even a bump,” DiZio said. “We stayed on the runway right up to the end, so she (the pilot) must have had that just perfectly lined-up even with the crosswinds.”

Upon landing, pilot Saunders was taken to the Washoe Medical Center with minor injuries. Glider pilot Hirao was found unharmed by Washoe Tribal Police later that evening.

According to Lyons County Sheriff’s Department Captain Jeff Page, the tribal police spotted a Japanese man, asked him if he was a glider pilot, and told him that a lot of friends were looking for him. They drove him back to the Minden-Tahoe Airport , where he had taken off earlier that afternoon, where he was greeted by friends, examined and quickly released with only scrapes and bruises.

“To be quite honest, I don’t think anybody was expecting the outcome that we had,” Page said. “In my 20 years in law enforcement, I’ve never seen a mid-air collision where anybody survived. Here, everyone made it.”

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