Some very brave girls looking for a thrill climbing very high poles, no safety gear & doing handstands on top, then there’s cliff climbing & much more.

Plus the terrifying skywalk Glass Bottom Bridge

A bridge too far? China has the most terrifying walkway in the world, stretching a quarter-of-a-mile across a canyon at a dizzying height of 300 metres (980ft)… and it’s made of GLASS.

If you are terrified of heights you would be advised to stay well away from China’s scary Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon skywalk which opened in August 20216 and was then the the longest and highest in the world. That record is now held by another Chinese skywalk.

The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon skywalk is 430metres (1,410ft) long and 6 metres (20ft) wide and spans the canyon  between between 2 mountain cliffs.  If you have vertigo look away!

Glass Bridge

To build the bridge, engineers erected four support pillars on the edges of the walls of the canyon. The bridge is made of a metal frame with more than 120 glass panels. Each of these panels is three-layered and is a 5.1-centimetre-thick (2 in) slab of tempered glass. There are three long swings attached to the underside of the bridge.

Glass Bridge

There is also a provision for making a 285-metre (935 ft) bungee jump, considered to be highest bungee jump in the world.

Glass Bridge

There are even plans to hold fashions shows along the sky-high pathway, which has unbeatable views of the national park that was the inspiration for the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar.

Glass Bridge

Israeli architect Haim Dotan was behind the ambitious venture, which will easily dwarf America’s Grand Canyon Skywalk which sits 718ft above ground measuring 68ft long.

Glass Bridge

The terrifying platform is no quick stroll, stretching a whopping 1410ft above the impressive Hunan province scenery.

Glass Bridge

Skyhigh fashion! There are plans to hold fashion shows along the bridge set against the picturesque Zhangjiajie backdrop.

Glass Bridge

Visitors will be able to marvel at the stunning Zhangjiajie national park landscape, which boasts over 3,000 sandstone pillars, and was the inspiration for James Cameron’s 2009 movie, Avatar

For tourists who catch the adrenaline bug from completing the transparent walkway, there will also be the opportunity to try the world’s highest bungee jump.

This record-breaking bungee will snatch the title from Macau Tower’s 764ft-high attraction.

A similarly scary walkway opened in south-west China in Chongqing, which extended 26.7metres (87.5ft) from the edge of a cliff.

Visitors are suspended in the air with 716metres (2,350ft) of valley below their feet, leaving them feel as though they are walking on air. 

Glass Bridge

Located in the Longgang National Geological Park, the bridge has been named Yuanduan, meaning ‘at the end of the clouds’.

With jaw-dropping panoramic views from its observation deck, it is the longest cantilever bridge in the world.

Glass Bridge

The walkway is limited to just 30 people at a time to ensure visitors have plenty of room to enjoy the view.

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