Letter from a Doctor to the Qld Health Minister


The Minister of Health

State Government

Queensland, Australia

Dear Ms D’Ath,

I retired from clinical practice on 15 December 2021.

My family and some of my colleagues have commented “Well, it’s time you took a break! After all you have three university degrees, two fellowships and three licentiates and have been in full-time practice for 41 years – working as a rural generalist on 4 continents, predominantly in remote locations in third-world countries, with the last 13 years serving the rural communities in Australia, latterly as a locum Senior Medical Officer in southeast Queensland, always putting your patients and community ahead of your family and your social life. It’s about time you had a rest.”

Perhaps they are right, but the question is – am I ready to retire? After all, I am only 63, and feel I probably have a few years left in me to effectively serve the people of Queensland.

So, why am I retiring, then? Because of your non-evidence-based vaccine mandate for health workers. Apparently, at midnight on the 14 December 2021, I was meant to turn into a mutant blob of super-spreading coronavirus slime that would be a terrible threat to my colleagues and patients. You may be relieved to hear that that did not happen. In fact, I have never felt healthier.

It has been interesting to see the rise of evidence-based medicine during my career, something we have all embraced and accepted as the correct and safest way to manage healthcare issues, whether in the individual patient, or at the population level. But many of us have stood mouths-agape to see the principles of evidence-base being thrown into the garbage as politicians have disastrously taken on the role of managing health care during the current coronavirus problem.

But I would like to thank you for the opportunity to retire a little earlier than planned. It will give me the opportunity to spend more time with my wife and my family, and to catch up on my long-neglected hobbies of cycling, bushwalking, bird watching and photography – unless you plan to slap a QR code on the tail feathers of every rainbow lorikeet in the state? Oops, shouldn’t have given you the idea.

And as I sit quietly on one of Queensland’s many beautiful beaches, I will smile to myself knowing with certainty that you too will soon be forced to retire.

How do I know this? Well, Queenslanders may have been scared, bullied, coerced and, yes, forced into lining up to receive their COVID shots, but they are not stupid. As the news of the rapid crumbling of the pillars of coronavirus control that your policies have forced onto them continue to seep past the firewall of our local media and into the general population, they will realise that they have been seriously duped. I can only pray that their reaction will be one of peaceful protest, but this protest will ultimately be voiced at the polling stations. I don’t know what you did before you went into politics, but I hope you were better at it than you have been at “ministering” our health.

Those “pillars of coronavirus control”? Masking, social distancing, mass screening of asymptomatic people with a PCR test run at a cycle threshold that is way too high, QR codes, hand sanitisers, lockdowns, Perspex partitions, not to mention the alleged “vaccine,” have long been known to not stop the spread of a coronavirus, and the evidence continues to accumulate daily, both through proper journal-published studies, but also just by looking at world experience as the virus continues to thrive. And all we hear is the same on-repeat demands from you and your experts – more masks, more lockdowns, more social distancing, and why not have another dose of our “vaccine” – surely it will work this time? I don’t think so – coronaviruses are experts at adapting to their environment, and they don’t even have a frontal lobe.

The “Vaccine.” Surely by now you are getting embarrassed trying to spin this narrative? No doubt you have heard the old joke that you can always tell when a politician is lying because their lips move? Well, the too-oft repeated Anna/Yvette/Steve/Jeanette-then-Peter-now-John mantra of “Get the vaccine – it’s safe, effective and free!” must be a candidate for the Guinness Book for the most lies contained in one short sentence! Let’s dissect it:

  1. “Vaccine” – time to call it what it really is – an experimental gene-based therapy that had to be labelled as a “vaccine” in order to receive emergency use authorisation.
  2. “Safe” – a quick look at our own TGA website should be enough to convince you otherwise. But if it isn’t enough, try the US VAERS, The UK’s Yellow Card system and their Office of National Statistics, or the EUs EUDRAVigilance and EuroMOMO. Not to mention the surge of unexplained deaths being reported world-wide amongst vaccinated people.

I have read the “Vaccination Consent” form that people are given to read and sign at your vaccination centres. The fact that the not-insignificant risk of death, myocarditis, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other neurological damage are not mentioned is nothing short of criminal. What happened to “informed consent”?

  1. “Effective” – Seriously? Do you believe that Queensland’s experience of the lack of real benefit of this “vaccine” will be any different to the experiences of the rest of the world, where reports come in on a daily basis of the failure of the “vaccine” to deliver what was promised. I know Australia is known as “the lucky country” but I think it will take more than luck for us to experience any more efficacious a result from this “vaccine” than the rest of the world has.
  2. “Free” – yeah, right – the taxpayer will be paying for this for decades to come.

No, the only thing that has kept Queensland relatively COVID-free has been the strict border closures. But at what cost? Businesses destroyed, families torn asunder, and the human psyche stretched beyond its limits.

The above policies have indeed resulted in a two-tier society: 1) the vaccinated who have been led to believe they are “protected” (I have had multiple vaccinated patients tell me this) but are actually not, and 2) those who have exercised their freedom of choice not to be vaccinated, but who have been deprived of the chance to achieve natural immunity due to your attempts to quash a coronavirus.

Congratulations! As you and your colleagues pat yourselves on your collective backs and brag about a “world-leading” approach to the coronavirus problem, what you have actually produced is a community with 0% herd immunity and 100% herd insanity. We are like a fresh agar plate in a laboratory waiting to be infected. But anyone with a firm understanding of virology, immunology, epidemiology, sociology and human psychology could have told you this would happen. I presume you have a panel of experts that advise you? They would have known this would happen. So, they have either not advised you correctly, or you have chosen to ignore them – I don’t know which scenario frightens me more.

One of the basic tenets we get taught at medical school is what’s called the biopsychosocial model – each and every person is a unique mix of biology, psyche and their social environment. Everyone on the planet – that is 7+ billion very individual people. So, it’s no wonder that your carpet-bombing of every individual with “vaccines,” lockdowns, masks etc has failed. As has oft been said, we have moved from “one size fits all, to one size fits none.” And as history has shown, carpet-bombing always has the same result – death, despair, destruction, desolation and, eventually, public dissent and outrage.

The other huge worry is that the medical profession is not allowed to question any of your decisions for fear of being deregistered by AHPRA. What happened to the scientific norm of open debate? Must be hidden somewhere behind the façade of your emergency powers. Nobel prize-winning quantum physicist Richard Feynman once said “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered, than answers that can’t be questioned.” And General George Patton is reputed to have said “If everyone is thinking alike, then someone is not thinking.” So why are the medical profession not allowed to openly debate the way the COVID problem has been handled and the efficacy of the “vaccines”? And believe me, there are a growing number who are questioning. There is a large percentage of my colleagues and the nursing profession in your health service who have told me they would not have received the “vaccine” if it wasn’t for the fear of losing their livelihood. This is a tragic betrayal of their trust and vulnerability. Shame on you.

I was delighted to receive a letter in my post-box a couple of days ago, co-signed by the Prime Minister, the federal Minister of Health and the federal Chief Health Officer. It was an invite to step forward and get a booster dose of “vaccine.” It was reassuring to note that the letter stated that only one booster dose will be needed. That’s great to hear, especially as no-one on the planet really has any idea how effective or enduring boosters might be. If the experience of the results of the first two doses is anything to go on, please forgive me if I’m not convinced. Enclosed in that letter was another information sheet again reassuring Australia that the government had secured 150 million further doses of “vaccine.” Hmmm – only one booster dose needed, 150 million doses available…? 150 million divided by the eligible population of Australia equals…… silly me, one dose each of course! After all, why wouldn’t the politicians play as recklessly with the laws of mathematics as they have with the laws of our Constitution and Human Rights.

I noted with interest the comment you made in the notification you sent out to health staff when you announced the December 15 deadline for full vaccination – toward the end of the letter, you stated something along the lines that exceptions could be made in case of workforce shortage. Now, in a health service that is notoriously understaffed (except perhaps at the administrative level), where do you draw the line between “a little understaffed” and “severely understaffed”? Just yesterday I received an email from a recruiting company advertising locum Senior Medical Officer vacancies across the small rural government hospitals in Queensland – there were 67 such vacancies (I guess it’s 68 now). I just wanted you to know that I would be very happy to keep working – not so much for you, but for the under-serviced people of rural Queensland. In order to return to work, I wouldn’t expect an apology from yourself because I realise that politicians never apologise – they merely spin the facts and pass the blame onto someone, or something, else.

I realise that you are highly unlikely to ever read this letter – I suspect you have the junk filters set very high on your email account. Maybe it will be read by one of your underlings who is also likely to hit the “delete” button. I will send a copy to your boss, for what that’s worth. But I will also send copies to other politicians and interested parties who I know will read it and who do genuinely care for the citizens of Queensland and their basic human rights. Please note I have stated my full name, phone number, physical and email addresses at the top of the letter in the name of transparency and openness, concepts you may not be familiar with.

As I enjoy my enforced retirement, I wish you luck with what remains of your career – you are going to need it.

Yours truly,

Dr Simon Stilgoe

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