Thomas Mayo is the architect and chief activist for The Voice, he is travelling the country to explain in no uncertain terms what it is really all about.

Plus the new laws in WA highlight what’s coming

Plus thoughts on The Voice from Warren Mundine

Plus a few more details on WA in case you’re not convinced

Talking of “paying the rent” as Mr Mayo put it, the ongoing confusion over Western Australia’s controversial new cultural heritage laws caused two major tree planting events in the state to be cancelled after an Aboriginal corporation demanded $2.5 million for approval READ MORE.

The new cultural heritage laws – Local Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Services (LACHS) – that came into effect on 1 July in Western Australia already has farmers fuming.

The complex system requires anyone with more than 1100 square metres of land to apply for a permit before they carry out certain activities, such as planting trees, erecting fencing and clearing tracks.

Harsh penalties are in place for anyone who damages a cultural heritage site and will range from $25,000 to $1 million for individuals and $250,000 to $10 million for corporations, as well as jail time.

But what we are curious to know is what qualifies as a cultural heritage site? Does there need to be physical evidence, or can a site just be deemed “spiritual” and that alone becomes enough to prevent land owners from carrying out everyday tasks on their own property. It’s little wonder support for The Voice is plummeting.

The government’s line of revealing the detail of the constitutional change AFTER the legislation is passed simply doesn’t cut it, especially in light of the tree planting debacle. To read the full article on the new LACHS in WA, CLICK HERE

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