And then there’s Daniel with his parking problem

Daniel lives in Melbourne (Explains a LOT, but no, it’s not that Daniel)……..he was sick of the World, of Covid-19, Chinese belligerence, global warming, species extinction, critical race theory and all the rest of the disturbing stories that occupy the media headlines.

Daniel drove his car into his garage at home, carefully sealed up around the windows and doorways of his garage, selected his favourite radio station and started his car to a slow idle.

Two days later, his wife, realising she had seen no sign of Daniel for a while, peered through the garage window to see Daniel at the wheel of his car. Immediately she phoned emergency services. Police, Firies and the Ambulance arrived promptly.

After pulling Daniel from his car and giving him a sip of water, he seemed as good as gold.

Turns out Daniel drives a Tesla. It now has a flat battery. He also votes for the Greens.

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