Reading the will is a solemn affair with the family gathered around to see who gets what and why, but it doesn’t always work out as they expected.

Plus 2 more wills to read after 2 bells ring the end

This joke is somewhat lengthy, so if you hang in there to the end you have my admiration.

A church had a handyman for many years and he finally passed away. He did so many jobs the church decided to break them up and hire several people to do them all.

The church put an ad in the newspaper to hire a church bell ringer. After a day or two the priest heard a knock at the front door. Upon opening the door, he sees a young man. The young fellow says, “Yes, I’m here for the bell ringing position.” The priest asks, “Do you have any experience?” “No,” he responds, “but I’m a fast learner.” So the priest decides to try him out.

The priest takes the young man in tow and up the stairs to the bell tower they go. The priest figures he ought to show him how everything works. As they reach the top of the stairs, the priest turns around just in time to see the young man trip, stumble, stumble again, and fall head first into the bell and disappear down the shaft. The priest rushes down, but it’s too late and the priest calls the police.

As the ambulance is picking up the body the police officer is filling out the death report. After filling out the gender, approximate age, and physical description of the young man the office askes the priest, “What was the young man’s name?” The priest is shocked to realize during their entire conversation he never asked the man’s name so he replies to the officer, “You know, I never asked him his name, but his face rings a bell.”

You thought the joke was over…but wait, there’s still more!

The church replaces the ad in the paper and there comes a knock at the door. The priest opens the door and almost faints. There’s the same young man standing there. Noticing the priest’s surprise, the young man quickly says, “Of father, I’m sorry to surprise you but the other fellow was my twin brother.”

The priest recovers and the young man says, “I’m here for the bell ringing job.” Once again, the priest asks if he has any experience and he doesn’t so the priest says we might as well go up the bell tower and I can show you how everything works. They talk as they climb the stairs and at the top the priest turns around and to his shock, he sees this young man trip and he stumbles all the way to the bell and smacks it head first and down the shaft he goes.

The priest in disbelief rushes down but, once again, it’s too late. The call is made and the police arrive and start taking down information. They fill out all the basic information and then turn to the priest to ask for the young man’s name. The priest is horrified to realize he did not ask this guy’s name either. In response to the policeman’s inquiry, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get his name, but he’s a dead ringer for his brother.”

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