The culture wars are in full swing with world governments taking directions from the WHO, UN & WEF who state “you will own nothing & be happy”.

Plus if you value your freedom, this is a must read

The Lancet Commission, made up of pro-vaccine elites and Big Pharma puppets, has made it crystal clear what they want to see happen here in the US and other countries where people have individual rights. It’s right here for anyone to see – no one will be able to say they didn’t warn us.

Weaponizing Covid to Promote Collectivisim

The above link will take you to a PDF with the following paragraph headings –

STORY AT-A-GLANCE – A brief summary of the article

Pandemic Public Health Policies Generated Fear, Instability

Keeping Us Living in Fear to Sell COVID Vaccine

A Mutated Virus, a Reactive Biological That’s Not a Vaccine

Reactions ‘Good’ Even When the Shot Doesn’t Prevent Infection

WHO Heading Up Global COVID Vaccine Marketing Campaign

Event 201 Prepares for ‘The Great Reset’

Lancet Commission Publishes COVID ‘Lessons Learned’ Manifesto

Attacking US Lawmakers, Critics of Pandemic Response Failures

Blaming Deaths on ‘Anti-Vaccine Movement,’ Individual Rights

Public Health Elite Wants US to Become a Collectivist Society

Mandatory Vaccination: The Tip of the Spear in Culture Wars

Other posts on Corona Virus can be found here – Follow The Money

And here – Corona Virus and Your Basic Freedoms

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