If you think you’re having a bad day, just have a look at this lot. Some days are diamonds & some days are just a disaster. Try again tomorrow.

Plus a few lessons in psychology that might help

Here are some body languages and psychological tricks that you might find interesting:

The feet don’t lie

When you approach a person or group of people, try to notice if they turn their feet’s towards you. If they do, then you’re welcome. If they don’t, well, keep moving Bob.

The Ask

If you want somebody to like you, ask them for a favour; it can be as little as borrowing a pen or asking for the time. They will feel that they have made an investment in you, and hence, they’ll be more open to you.

The Nod

When you nod your head while speaking, you tend to encourage the other person listening to mirror the gesture and agree with what your saying.

The Laugh

When you’re in a group of people and someone says something funny and everybody starts laughing, try to notice who’s looking at you while laughing. People tend to look at the person they feel closest to when they laugh.

The Shoes

When in a public place, if someone keeps looking at you so much it’s becoming frustrating, just look at their shoes…like, for a long time; this will make them feel so uncomfortable, they’ll probably back off.

Bonus trick

If you get pulled over by a cop and he asks if you know how fast you were going, say “I don’t know, but you must have been going faster if you caught up to me.” This will cause him to have an existential crisis, giving you a chance to escape.

Plus a few more tips and things you may not know

Over the years I’ve ran into a lot of psychological facts, but so far, these have been my absolute favourites:

  • People with large signatures usually have large self esteem.
  • It’s possible to die from a heart break.
  • People with small handwriting are usually less open to conversations.
  • Smart people mostly have rough handwritings.
  • A lot of us suffer from ‘Phantom Vibration Syndrome’; the feeling that your phone is vibrating while it actually isn’t.
  • People who are easily distracted usually have a high IQ.
  • Talking with women can improve a man’s mental strength.
  • It only takes about four minutes to fall in love.
  • 10% of the worlds population is left-handed.
  • People who give excellent advice usually have the most problems; likewise, people who have been hurt the most usually have the best ability to heal.
  • Eating chocolate helps reduce stress.
  • Insecure people are prone to hating people that they barely know.
  • The type of music you listen to affects your perception of the world.
  • Tilting your head while looking up makes you look more sexually attractive to others.
  • Mostly when a person cries, if the first tear drops from the right eye, it’s happiness; if it’s from the left eye, it’s pain.
  • Over 90% of pretty girls usually end up being single, because most men think they are definitely taken.
  • Contrary to most beliefs, our emotion doesn’t affect the way we talk, but the way we talk does affect our emotions.
  • Women have twice as many pain receptors than men, and they have higher pain tolerance.
  • The feeling of pain and loneliness are processed in the same part of the brain.
  • A research states, “Girls love their besties more than their boyfriends.” Wow.
  • When you talk a lot about your goals, it becomes less likely that you’ll succeed because you’ll lose motivation.
  • We can control our dreams.
  • You can only remember 3–4 things at a time.
  • The default way we imagine objects is from above and tilted like this (below)
  • Memories become distorted with time, everyone has at least one false memory they believe is real.

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