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Plus 30 cartoons & memes with an animal theme
Chuck Berry Tribute
Plus Eating memories from Oz during the 50's & 60's
British Humour with Benny Hill & The Two Ronnies
Plus more British humour to keep you amused
Bumpy Landings
Captain Kangaroo & crew provide inflight insights
Video Tutorial On Shaving A Pussy
And speaking of down under have a laugh at these
Nasty Mishaps
Teacher pushed to the limit, but you have to laugh
Driving Skills Tests
Plus 27 other vehicles to test your driving skills
Aussie PM Advises USA On Covid 19
Plus 29 funny memes with a Corona Virus theme
Animals Don't Like Lockdowns
Plus 30 funny memes of animals being naughty
Art Upside Down
Not impressed? Try painted ladies right side up
Running Red Light
Court Judges need wisdom, patience & tolerance
Agnes Brown from Mrs Browns Boys
Plus 30 Memes warning the danger of getting old
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